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John Taylor is a Chief Firearms Instructor in a Northern California ccw training facility. Introduced to firearms at a young age, it became his mission to train as many people as possible, reducing or eliminating gun safety violations and accidents.

As an avid Second Amendment supporter it is his goal to educate and promote safety and responsibility to gun owners.

Mr. Taylor has over 40,000 hours of experience instructing students with firearms safety classes including concealed weapons permit training, handgun, shotgun, range safety officer, personal protection inside the home, personal protection outside the home, Refuse to Be A Victim presentations and various self-defense courses.

John is an NRA instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, and certified by the California Department of Justice as an instructor. He is a member of the National Association of Law Enforcement Instructors, the National Rifle Association and numerous firearms organizations and clubs. He is a certified instructor through the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification and his concealed weapons permit training is accepted for many shall issue states throughout the nation.

John Taylor is a licensed real estate broker and mortgage loan broker and is active in the real estate and mortgage industry. He is a former City Council Member in Northern California.