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Receive monthly email updates with new laws 

Don't get arrested for "not knowing the new law".

With the purchase of the book, you will be notified once a month about new law changes affecting CCW permit holders or other important laws regarding handguns. California legislators are changing gun laws as fast as they can make them!

If a law has changed and you are carrying a concealed weapon where it is prohibited you can be arrested and immediately lose your CCW permit. With any arrest a CCW permit is immediately revoked, regardless of the outcome of the charges, whether dismissed, found not guilty, or even if the district attorney does not file charges.

You can sign up for monthly email updates without purchasing the book.

If you do not want to purchase the book, you can purchase the monthly email updates for just $2.00 per month. It is money well spent, as there is no service which provides updates to the extent which we provide them with all CCW and important handgun laws throughout the entire state of California.

Not to be mistaken, there are a few soucres which you can sign up for that will keep you informed of a few law changes, but not most of them. Although these services are good, as they do help fight for our 2nd Amendment rights, you typically receive donation requests several times per week to a few times per month.